Spring Into Style: CC&H shops local

May 9, 2012 § 4 Comments

Spring has sprung! What’s in this season?

We love Glamour’s Fashion Trends breakdown, but prepare to be appalled at the prices…

CC&H knows staying up to date on style trends in college can be rough. Like we have the time or money to keep our wardrobe on celeb-level. Seeing models in gorgeous, outrageously priced outfits in style magazines just depresses us… We know how you feel.

But this week, CC&H decided it was time to update our closets, on a budget. We researched the best, cheapest places to shop locally and noticed some trends appearing in our data (no pun intended).

CC&H did some lurking around Cal Poly’s campus and asked dozens of girls where they like to shop.

The top results:

  1. Bella B
  2. Forever 21
  3. Lulu Luxe

Caroline Cerussi, a junior anthropology major, says that Bella B is a bang for your buck.

“Forever 21 might be a little less expensive, but I prefer Bella B,” Cerussi says. “The clothes I buy at Forever never last, like they’re made cheaply. Bella B sells quality clothes, and they always have really cute stuff!”

Other girls said they love the large selection at Forever 21, but hate having to sort through it all. Emily Krebs, a junior parks and rec major, says that Forever is a great place to shop if you are looking for something specific, but not if you just want to shop around.

“The selection is so overwhelming at Forever, I only shop there when I know I want something specific, because they’ll probably have it,” Krebs says. “I prefer smaller shops like Bella B and Lulu Luxe when I just feel like going shopping. I walk in and find something I love within the first few minutes, without having to hunt around for hours.”

Krebs also said that the girls working in the smaller stores, like Bella B, are friendly and helpful with style tips.

“They’re always so fashionable and willing to help me find just the right outfit for whatever occasion. I’ve never left Bella B without buying something I love. And their ‘Daily Deals’ are awesome!” Krebs says.

CC&H had heard all we needed, and headed to Bella B, ready to shop ’til we drop.

We were greeted with a warm smile and friendly welcome by Hope Hanselman, a junior journalism major, KSBY intern, Bella B employee, and total fashionista. We asked Hanselman to share her style secrets, and she agreed to give CC&H the inside scoop.

“Color blocking is very in right now! The 60’s ‘mob look’ is making a big comeback, so it’s a lot of bright primary colors and geometrical prints,” Hanselman says. “Colored jeans are a hot item, too. I have eight different pairs. They’re a must-have this season.”

So what to buy for this season? Check out Marie Claire’s Spring 2012 Trendlist. But to name a few styles…

  • neons
  • color block
  • pastels
  • bold prints
  • art deco
  • athletic chic
  • black & white
  • florals
  • tangerine
  • backless tops

Hanselman says styles come and go, but it’s important to wear what you like.

“Your wardrobe should have ‘statement pieces’ that are classic, go-to outfits that you love, for anytime of the year, regardless of what’s in,” Hanselman says. “Your style should reflect what you like to wear and what you look good in. You can add to it, based on the season or what’s hot then, but you’ll always have your essentials.”

Bella B has an amazing selection for Spring trends. Trust us, we shopped ’til we dropped… our whole paycheck. But hey, spending just under a hundred bucks, CC&H got a bold printed dress, two backless pastel tops, a pair of tangerine colored crop jeans (on sale), and a white skirt. So trendy! And on a budget. The CC&H Spring Collection.

Here’s some of what we saw at Bella B (prepare to fall in love). Happy Spring Shopping!

Fun Facts:

  • Song on the radio when we walked into Bella B: Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jesperson (c’mon, seriously? it’s literally still stuck in our head…)
  • The Daily Deal: 15% off your order! (how sweet is that… check out Bella B’s Facebook page for the latest deals!)
  • Hanselman’s fave go-to style item: colored heels! (‘casual and fun for day wear with crop jeans, but dressy at night with a black dress and matching accessories!’ Check out Fergie rocking neon heels!)

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