Pumped Up Kicks: DIY Sequin Vans

May 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

CC&H’s sparkling new sneaks.

This week, CC&H decided it was time for a stylish, DIY tutorial. We perused various DIY blog sites, including P.S. I Made This, Studs & Pearls, and I Spy DIY. Eventually, we decided we loved this DIY idea from Honestly… WTF.

Almost everyone has an old pair of Vans, Converse, or Keds hiding in the back of your closet (or you can even purchase a cheap solid white sneaker from Rite Aid for $7)! We thought this tutorial would be a perfect way to renovate an old, seemingly useless pair of shoes and make them fun, new shoes for the season!

We decided to go with a glittery sequin shoe style, instead of the brass studs. Sequins and glitter are so in this season, as you can see with these showy shoe styles from brands like Sperry Top-Sider and TOMS.

We headed to Beverly’s to get our supplies and meet with an expert to figure out a game plan for our glitter shoes.

There, we found Store Manager of five years, Tam Bailie, who definitely knows a thing or two about crafting.

“The challenge of finding ways to help people with all their creative requests is what makes me want to come to work each day,” Bailie says. “I appreciate it when customers bring in their completed projects or their “still in the works” projects because we can see how we helped them meet their craft and fabric needs. It’s fun to be part of something that turns out beautiful.”

Though scrapbooking is her forte, she knew exactly where to direct us to begin our new shoe adventure.

We had originally planned on getting E-6000 glue (following the Honestly… WTF tutorial), but Bailie suggested we use Fabri-Tac glue instead, since we were working with canvas and sequins, instead of canvas and hardware (Good thinking, Tam).

We then headed for Aisle 3 to find our sequins. Luckily, the had a nice peacock, teal color that we liked (and only 69¢ a bag!).

Bailie also suggested we get a glittery base, to fill in the cracks between the sequins, so we added a bottle of 99¢ silver glitter glue to our shopping basket.

While we waited in line, we chatted with Katie Loitz, a sophomore Cal Poly student, who was buying tulle to make a DIY tutu for the Avila Beach Party concert this weekend.

“I love coming to Beverly’s because I know they’ll always have what I need to do a project,” Loitz said. “And the staff is so friendly, even if I don’t know what I need, they help me figure it out.

Loitz has come to Beverly’s to make her Halloween costumes for the past two years, including a mermaid costume and a superhero costume. So crafty.

We left Beverly’s with all the advice and supplies we needed, and we were ready to get crafting.


  • Old pair of black vans
  • Fabri-Tac
  • Teal sequins (2 bags)
  • glitter glue (silver)
  • Paint brush (or you can use your finger)


  1. Clean off any dirt/debris from the shoes
  2. Use the paint brush (or your finger) to apply the glitter glue to the area of the shoe that you will be applying the sequins to; wait for this to dry completely
  3. Begin at the corner of the area of the shoe, and dab a circular, sequin size amount of glue onto the shoe
  4. Outline sequins around the edge of the area
  5. Fill in the remaining area with sequins, spacing them as evenly as possible
  6. Wait at least a day before wear, allowing to dry and set completely

We wore our sassy sequin shoes on Cal Poly’s campus the next day, and asked Jackie Campbell, a sophomore chemistry major who we caught leaving Starbucks, what she thought of our vamped up Vans.

“Oh my god, I love the teal! I see that color everywhere, it’s really in right now,” Campbell said. “The sequins change the whole style of the shoe. Black vans are usually kind of punk and drab. They really pop now. So cute!”

We’re pleased with how our DIY sequin shoes turned out, and can’t wait to wear them to the Avila Beach Party concert this weekend too! Maybe we should start looking up DIY tutu tutorials…

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